Our Services

Touch By An Angel Home Care, Inc. is proud to serve the elderly, the disabled and the ailing residents in Boca Raton, Florida.  We cater to a clientele with varying needs and have consistently met those needs with the utmost efficiency.

Here are the services that our company provides:

Light Housekeeping
We provide household management services such as cleaning, dish washing, dusting and laundry services.  As much as we can, we will lighten your load in managing your home so you can concentrate more on your fast recovery or in enjoying your retirement.

Live-In, Live-Out
Our caregivers can provide home care on Live-In or Live-Out arrangements.  This normally depends on the level of independence that the client retains or the number of hours that the client requires supervision and support from our staff.

Keeping you company at home is a pleasure.  We will accompany you during meals and join you in recreational activities such as playing cards, board games, watching TV and reading.

Home Health Aide
Home Health Aides can be the source of support for you or your loved one at home.  Their profession revolves around functions such as mobility assistance, meal preparation, support for daily living activities, etc.

Personal Care Services
For elderly or disabled clients, personal care is essential.  While their independence may be slowly but steadily declining, our compassion for them grows firmer every day.  Personal care includes health supervision, medication monitoring, meal preparation, and ambulation assistance.

Respite Care
It could not be avoided to have emergencies, unforeseen conflicts and complications at home or in relationships.  When matters of the sort arise, you need someone reliable to temporarily take care of your ill family member, aged loved one or really young children. You can count on Touch By An Angel Home Care, Inc. for that. We also offer our respite care services to primary caregivers of senior or sick individuals. We promise to provide proper and tender care for your family and loved ones as if they are our own.